Price List:

** All prices listed are estimates, Labor and Preparation fees are not included, Tax not included. Final price is depending on item size, serviceability and condition. E-mail or visit us for details. Use the links below to see our current price estimates

Standard Price Guidelines: 

$100 per Sq. Ft. Industry standard for most Large items, will cover most fees, Reduced rate for smaller items

$45 Preparation fee, This covers any work to ensure surface is ready for the Chrome process, All jobs will include this fee

$65 Hourly Labor rate, This covers all the work to restore, prime, and prepare surface for Chrome, This also will cover any work performed locally to remove, clean, alter and re-install any item (list not inclusive) most jobs will require minimum 1hr Labor

This is a example list, depending on the job, the items and more important the reasons for the job,

as a small Veteran Owned Business and Friendly Texan, We can work something out.


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Business Owner?

Contact us directly for our B2B rates, we can pay you a visit and explain how can our services will help you gain new customers!

As we can chrome virtually any surface, please call us for any items not listed above, we can help you decide the best course of action to transform any surface into a mirror-like surface

Killeen, TX

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