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Thank you for visiting Centex Chrome

Texas’ ONE-STOP multi surface "chrome" and custom paint shop.

Located In Killeen, Texas  Contact Us Via Email Or Mail Your Projects To Us.

Our services have been relied upon along the east and west coast for years, offering dealers and individual consumers the variety and options they desire to replicate factory options, repair minor damages, or simply to add a personal touch to their object. Unlike Chrome Plating, we can chrome virtually any surface, metals, glass, plastics and yes, even wood!... all without breaking the bank.


Using a patented water based silvering (chrome) process, our technicians are properly certified and use only authorized equipment and materials to complete our services. Because our process relies on these specific materials and to ensure proper surface protection we must ensure proper item/surface inspection.

Contact us for details,  we will provide an estimated turn-around time upon providing your quote. Standard time is 14 to 21 business days, we welcome rush orders (fees apply)

We also do Custom Cups, Plaques, Small Signs and Vinyl Stickers and Lettering


** We offer Military (With Military or VA ID), bike & car clubs, First Responders, Police and Local Business discounts **

Can we make your item shine? Definitely. See our gallery and Facebook page for current and past customer creations. From wheels to signs, trophies to weapons, antiques to baby shoes, exterior trim to interior radio knobs… We can apply our finish to virtually any surface, especially surfaces that will be in wet areas (such as boat parts)

“We Will Make It Shine!”



"If You Want It To Shine, We Will Make It Shine!"

Killeen, TX

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