Centex Chrome: We are a local business offering chroming solutions, custom paint, custom cups, logos,

vinyl stickers and much more for multi-surfaces in Central Texas. 

Located In Killeen, Texas, we are close to Killeen/Fort Hood, Temple, Belton, Austin and Waco.

We can give your plastics, metals, glass and many other surfaces a shiny, mirror like finish or any color under the sun with special finishes to truly make your items one of a kind!

Our "chrome" or colored "chrome" will not rust like traditional chrome plating.

It's absolutely perfect for areas where moisture maybe an issue.

We also service statewide and out of state via USPS and UPS services and courier. 


Veteran Owned Business

Centex Chrome, applicators of water based, polymer top coated "Chrome"

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Killeen, TX

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